Most of us are familiar with carbon credits, which are often utilized to fulfill emissions goals established by governments and various entities. However, after conducting minimal research on Google, I have yet to come across any carbon offset initiatives that specifically prioritize the following:

  • Making algorithms efficient
  • Minimize the number of computations
  • Use efficient data structures
  • Optimizing code

Imagine if public and private organizations could purchase carbon credits that incentivize maintainers to write more efficient software, thereby reducing emissions.

How would it work? Well, that's a great question because I have no idea how the carbon credit industry works. However, here is my feeble attempt:

  1. Foundations like Apache, LF, Eclipse, etc. sell credits
  2. They use that money to pay maintainers to optimize code
  3. Everyone is happy

If things could only be that simple.

#50 · Carbon crediting maintainers