There is so much to talk about, but I have all these links that have been piling up, so this will be a link-heavy issue.

First, if you missed my talk with my wonderful co-workers Tammy and Sam, which I promoted in the last issue, you can watch it below ⤵️ I want to thank the OSI and especially Nick, Ian, and Stefano for encouraging me to submit a CFP.

Covering your bases with IP Indemnity
Part of the Deep Dive: AI Webinar Series When working with LLM providers that don’t have their models public (Anthropic, OpenAI, etc.), it’s near impossible to know if any Copyleft code…

I recently had the chance to write and produce a podcast episode for SustainOSS. Currently, it's the 3rd most downloaded episode (out of ~205). It's kind of a flex but also kind of a "if you haven't listened to it, consider it!" 😎

What’s wrong with CVEs? Daniel Stenberg of cURL wants you to know
Daniel discusses CVE issues, proposes fixes, and addresses concerns like DDOS attacks while Dan shares insights on NVD and improving CVE quality.

For those who don't know who Chad Whitacre is, well, you should. He is an OG when it comes to funding open source. He started Gittip/Gratipay in the early 2010s and now has funded close to every open source dependency Sentry (his employer) uses. It has definitely inspired me to increase Sourcegraph's budget.

We Just Gave $500,000 to Open Source Maintainers
Want to hear more? Register for “The Future of Open Source: The State of Sustainability”, on October 26. Sentry is an Open Source company…

After listening to this episode of Jamstack w/ bdougie, I am excited to be meeting with Birk next week to talk about how Polar can help my org fund open source.

Ep. #135, Maintainer Funding with Birk Jernström of Polar
<p>In episode 135 of Jamstack Radio, Brian speaks with Birk Jernström of Polar. This talk explores different avenues for supporting maintainers of open source projects and looks specifically at ways to provide better funding for their initiatives.</p><p>The post appeared first on <a rel=“nofollow”…

This one is controversial. Part of me agrees part of me disagrees. Either way, it (relicensing) will be coming up more and more in the future.

Let’s Celebrate Relicensing From an Open Source to a Proprietary License
tl;dr Commercial open source firms are beneficial to society, even if they eventually license away from open source, because they are exploring a search space for useful open-source software that i…

That's it for the edition.

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