Dear Open Source: let’s do a better job of asking for money

John Robb ·

"At first, we were afraid that subscribers would have much higher expectations of us since they were now paying for our work. We imagined rapid response times, monthly newsletters, more frequent releases, and having to constantly prove our worth. This didn’t turn out to be true."

Why open core will replace proprietary software as the default

Sid Sijbrandij (CEO of GitLab) ·

"Closed software companies are feeling the pressure to get involved in open source in some way: Red Hat’s 2022 enterprise open source report found that 82% of IT leaders are more likely to choose a vendor who contributes to the open source community. Better security and the ability to influence the development roadmap were two of the top five reasons listed."

If open core gets more companies to make any contribution to open source, I'm game.

National Cybersecurity Strategy 2023 (PDF)

The White House Washington ·

"This strategy recognizes that robust collaboration, particularly between the public and private sectors, is essential to securing cyberspace. It also takes on the systemic challenge that too much of the responsibility for cybersecurity has fallen on individual users and small organizations."

It's 35 pages and targeted towards lawmakers, so I will highlight everything "open-source" mentioned below:

Page 13
Page 16
Page 21 (top)
Page 22 (bottom)

Ask HN: Who's an open source maintainer/project that needs sponsorship or help?

armini ·

"It would be great if the HN community could nominate maintainers or projects they know who's super helpful & impactful. We hope that by creating awareness about the issue we can also help increase the funds going to that maintainers."

Why Open Source should be exempt from Standard-Essential Patents

Simon Phipps ·

"Trying to openwash encumbered standards may satisfy the peers of their bubble but it will simply chill progress and proliferate standards outside it as the market works around the obstacle. The only way forward is to respect the 17-year-old settled consensus and embrace OSI’s Open Standards Requirement."


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