FOSDEM is coming up, and it's been three years since SustainOSS has had an IRL event, so we decided to throw a meetup sponsored by Sourcegraph, GitHub, and Red Hat. I can't thank Abby Cabunoc Mayes and Leslie Hawthorn enough for helping get this together in less than a week. We hope to see you there!

SustainOSS FOSDEM 2023 Meetup - Open Collective
As a token of appreciation for your contributions to the open source community, SustainOSS invites you to enjoy some snacks and beverages on us.

In other IRL event news, Richard and the Sustain crew will have a two day event at the State of Open Con 2023. Take a listen ⤵️

Announcement! Sustain Session @ State of Open Con 2023 in london
Hosts Ben, Pia and Richard shares all the details on State of Open Con 2023, how to get tickets, and the two-day session Sustain is having that they would love for you to join in on.

This was the podcast episode that kicked it off:

“I think we’ll see governments wanting that and it’s not an OSPO, it’s a hybrid. It’s somewhere between a foundation and an OSPO.”
Amanda Brock of OpenUK on Open Source Law, Policy and Practice
Amanda goes in-depth about creating a broader engagement across the UK government on security, technical issues, and security policy issues.

Ashwin is one of the most impactful non-code contributors I have had the pleasure of meeting. He works as a researcher at Plaintext Group, a tech policy initiative under Schmidt Futures, focusing on open source software security and sustainability.

“There is no day off for OSS maintainers.”
Open source maintainers: What they need and how to support them
To best support the open source ecosystem, we must first understand the role of maintainers, their motivations, and their needs.

JZ and Bash from Charm are starting up a new series on YouTube about our favorite topic...check em out.

"There's plenty of room for non-coding contributors to join the party!"

Julia Ferraioli of Open Source Stories interviewed Alex Cabal of Standard Ebooks, an open source project that creates commercial-quality ebooks for free distribution. have to have a good eye for proofreading, you have to be able to read the book and catch typos and catch things like, “Oh, maybe there should have been a comment here, but I don’t see one.” And then you would have to go check the page scans to see if there is one.
Alex Cabal and the Standard Ebooks “saga”
Open source, the public domain, and various freedoms take center stage in the story behind Standard Ebooks. Learn about Standard Ebooks, a project founded by Alex Cabal to solve one particular problem, and how it brought together contributors with diverse sets of talents to make public domain litera…

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