Jet lag sucks, but so much stuff has happened since issue 42 that I couldn't wait another week.


Avoiding the success trap: Toward policy for open-source software as infrastructure
Open-source software (OSS) sits at the center of almost every digital technology moving the world since the early 1980s—laptops, cellphones, widespread internet connectivity, cloud computing, social media, automation, all the rainbow flavors of e-commerce, and even secure communications and anti-cen…

I'm really excited to see this is finally out! A lot of hard work happened behind the scenes with members of the Open Source Policy Network, Atlantic Council's Cyber Statecraft Initiative to develop community-led strategy and policy recommendations for OSS.


It's back, and it seemed like everyone had a great time. One talk that I enjoyed was Donation Page Design: Helping your users help you by Seth Hillbrand. It was so good that after the talk, I invited him to the Sustain meetup, and he ended up coming. Expect him on a future Sustain podcast.

Overall the Sustain Meetup was "awesome" (I was told many times). Thanks for all that came out!

Sustain Podcast

Dudley Carr and Wes Carr on StackAid
Dudley and Wes share all things StackAid, their backgrounds, some of their long-term goals, and exciting things on the horizon for StackAid.

Brothers who love to support open source

Kailash Nadh and the FOSS United Foundation
Kailash talks about his work as CTO running the FOSS program at Zerodha, and about his non-profit FOSS United Foundation which supports FOSS in India

Supporting the FOSS ecosystem in India


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