I have a habit of saving interesting links, but by the time I write my next newsletter, they become outdated. Therefore, I don't have much to say except that you should definitely check out Chad Whitacre's blog post and Heather Meeker's Sustain Episode (great work Richard!)

The Open Source Sustainability Crisis
What is Open Source sustainability? Why is it in crisis?
Heather Meeker on her latest book, “From Project to Profit: How to Succeed in Commercial Open Source”
Heather Meeker talks about her latest book on how to make open-source projects profitable. She covers open source importance, economics, OSI’s goal, and why Audacity is a great open-source project.

Sustain Together Summary January 12th
Hello everyone! We had the first Sustain Together for year 2024 last week. Our next call is happening Friday, 26 January, 16:00-17:00 UTC 2 (12pm ET / 9 am PT) Here’s a summary of the last weeks meeting: List of OSS events in 2024: @mesreyame Has curated a list that covers most of the major OSS events. Another similar website is https://foss.events/ Sustain Africa 2023 Community Report: Here is a report from the Sustain event that was hosted at OSCAFest 2023. * Richards will be releasing…
Design Questions in the Software Liability Debate
Core design questions and considerations for policymakers seeking to create legal liability for vendors of insecure software.
Rust is the latest open source project to face burnout
Spotting and tackling a widespread problem is a challenge

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