For over a year now, I quietly stepped down from SustainOSS. I burnt out; I reached the rope's end; insert whatever idiom here. Richard Littauer has done a really great job with the podcast and working groups; I have full faith that he will move the mission forward and look forward to seeing all the progress from the sidelines. My dream was to be able to attend a Sustain event as an attendee, and in time, I believe that will still happen. Thank you all for your support over the years. It was a pleasure to have served! 🫡

Results of 2024 elections of OSI board of directors
The polls just closed, the results are in. Congratulations to the returning directors Thierry Carrez and Josh Berkus, and the newly elected director Chris Aniszczyk.

I would like to give a special shoutout to Chris Aniszczyk, who has recently been elected as a director. Chris has had a significant impact on my career, starting from the time he ran the OSPO at Twitter to the time when I was launching a CNCF sandbox project. He has been trying to become a director at the OSI for years, and now that he has been elected, I believe that we will have a stronger and better-resourced OSI. Congratulations, Chris!

The work that is doing is really inspiring. Sourcegraph (my employer) is a proud customer and look forward to grow on their platform.

The Value of Open Source Software
The value of a non-pecuniary (free) product is inherently difficult to assess. A pervasive example is open source software (OSS), a global public good that play
Questioning “The Value of Open Source Software”
The new HBS working paper seems fundamentally flawed to me, though it has some helpful parts.

I'm happy Chad is starting to write again. He always has great insights.

Funding the Five Thousand
We can solve the OSS sustainability crisis for less than $1 billion, priced to cost.

Another great article.

Non-code contributions are the secret to open source success
Why non-code contributions like documentation and support are so important to open source, why even experienced programmers should make non-code contributions, and how your project can attract more…

I might be biased but I agree...


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