Part of my day job is being the release manager for Curiefense. We released a new version twelve days ago, and we have seen an influx of new community members which has been AWESOME and a bit overwhelming because as a non-coder, I can't answer every question on Slack, GitHub, etc. 😱

Why am I telling you this? Because even though I consider myself a non-coder, I still need to make an effort to learn as much as possible to help our community. I will follow up with some non-code contributions that help make everyone involved with the project's life easier. Accountability FTW. 🎉

I had a great conversation with Logan Kilpatrick (👋) for the Sustain Podcast. I can't wait to share it with you all!



Universal income for open source maintainers

Investing in open source software (OSS) has critical benefits; it maximizes innovation, prevents reinventing similar solutions, and supports digital autonomy. (See Tweet of the Week below ⤵️ for more context)

Harnessing the Power of Design (and designers) in Open Source

Harnessing the Power of Design (and designers) in Open Source

It’s one of the great opportunities we have in the open source community. There’s a growing community of designers desperate to learn, develop, and build a portfolio of work that has a real impact. (See video below ⤵️)


How the PSF managed PyCon US during COVID

How the PSF managed PyCon US during COVID

For those who are not aware, conferences generate a majority of revenue for non-profit foundations such as the PSF. I was having a conversation with Ewa Jodlowska (PSF ED) about going virtual and she said that we needed to talk to Jackie Augustine.

Foundations Roundtable: From Maintain to Sustain

Foundations Roundtable: From Maintain to Sustain

I literally just finished listening to this. I was glued. Duane O'Brien and Richard Littauer hosted a roundtable about the role of foundations in open source with Ewa Jodlowska, Rachel Lawson (Drupal), Leah Silen (NumFOCUS), Ben Nickolls (Open Collective), Jory Burson (Open JS Foundation), and Karen Sandler (SFC).


"OSPOlogy 1: How to start an OSPO Program"

If you are in the OSPO (Open Source Program Office) world, you have heard of the TODO Group. They have a new video series (OSPOlogy), and I was really excited to see a fellow Sustainer, Alyssa Wright, who just joined Bloomberg's OSPO.

Onboarding Designers into OSS

Onboarding Designers into OSS

Sustainers Richard and Eriol put together a video for their Sustain Open Source Design initiative. It's great to see this because the open source community needs more (good) designers.

Tweet of the Week

This tweet/poll started a conversation around governments and open source sustainability. It also is a great example of non-code contribution. BTW, this is Portia's 2nd consecutive appearance in this newsletter! 🙌 Follow her on Twitter. ⤵️

Results from the poll Portia ran

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