In last week's issue, I wrote:

"I will follow up with some non-code contributions that help make everyone involved with [Curiefense's] life easier."

So this week I started by creating a document to centralize user feedback along with programming languages + topics they are interested in (via Orbit). The first one was tough to read because we lost them as a user (for now?) however they left so great feedback I can share with the team. I'm confident we will be able to win them back eventually.

Feedback from a potential user.

From all of the feedback, we were able to confirm that our docs need a lot of work and that is now taking priority. Usually, we are very active on social but now my/our focus is less on getting new users, and more on saving the ones we have i.e. fixing the leaky funnel.

More updates next week. šŸ‘‹


"Iā€™m not a software developer, what I can contribute to the overall ecosystem is to build a bridge between the free software community and public policy because most people in government are also not developers." - Julia Reda
We need more politicians like Julia Reda.

Drupal is a leader in non-code contributor recognition. GitLab is looking into taking a page out of their playbook.

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The Non-Code Contributor - Issue #4